Ruhi stopped the judge and told that this case was not over. The judge and audience don’t know why Ruhi was trying to continue. Princy was sentenced to death but still, Ruhi had something to convey.  Immediately, the judge ordered everyone to sit and continued the case. The judge commanded Ruhi to proceed.

Ruhi said that still another criminal involved this murder who doesn’t murder anyone but helped Princy to get success in all of this assault. He is the one who bought Fentanyl drugs from Drug dealers to supply Princy. He made a clear sketch to murder without a clue and elimination of evidence.

Frequently, he changed the phone number to escape from this matter. In short, he worked as a guardian for Princy for sake of money. Princy told that she would give more money if he guards her. Then she called her black bodyguards. The guards took Ruhi’s lawyer inside the court. His shirts were torn and bled. Ruhi went near him. She took the shirt button. Then she ejected a button camera and insert in her laptop and gave it to the judge. The judge was shocked after seeing that video. It is a video about how the lawyer was kidnapped on his way to court.

Okay, who kidnapped the lawyer? That was the only question among the audience. Ruhi answered every one that the person who helped Princy was her only brother, Salim. A cop was behind Princy’s murder.

Everyone was shocked to hear this. Since Salim was not there inside the court. The evidence was very strong. The judge immediately made a statement that Salim was dismissed from police and he would be sent to jail for 20 years for his double-sided game between criminal and police. Salim entered the court without knowing anything. Salim doesn’t know what role was Ruhi playing. The police simply arrested Salim before everyone. The whole audience stood up and clapped for Ruhi’s speech for justice. Ruhi won that day.

Salim sent to prison and princy was getting ready for her final day. The south commissioner congratulated Ruhi on her bold actions and wild approach towards this case. He saluted her for getting justice single-handedly.

Ruhi was not like a heroine, she turned out to be the hero of that day. She attracted the media.

Every woman child who watched her speech simply shouted. “RUHI! RUHI! RUHI! ” and running through their streets. At last, Ruhi gave some guts to a woman who doesn’t value themselves. What a sudden change in women’s society! Thanks to Ruhi.

Such an amazing personality you will never forget. Now, it’s time for Ruhi to watch Pranay after 10 days gap.

                   Ruhi went to the hospital to see Pranay. She thanked the maid who took care of Pranay in Ruhi’s absence.
The doctor told that Pranay is getting well it seems and he might come out of a coma at any time because of the possibility of waking up seems to be high. That made a smile in Ruhi’s mouth.

A smile after long days. Ruhi sat near Pranay and held his hand and slept there.

                  With all the official officers, Princy was taken for the Hanging sentence. Princy stood with a smile in her face over the wooden stage. Princy deserved to be lived but her situations changed her and forced her to all these things. She is a message to everyone that one must control their happiness and sorrow. One must deal both as same. Depression is the root of all addictions. Princy was bad at her final days but she too had a good past life.

The official asked her to say her last words. Princy smiled and said ” Thanks for everything, for now I am, That’s it, officer, I have a doubt, sir, where would I go, Hell or heaven? That must be heaven, pray for me officer, let me go to my parents, they will be waiting for me at heaven”. With that, Princy was hanged and she died.

Simultaneously, Pranay woke up from Coma after 10 days. Princy’s death got rid of Pranay’s coma. That statement once said by our ancestors is true, “One death paves way for new birth”. That’s what happened here.

                       Pranay opened his eyes, he saw the first vision of Ruhi with his blurry sight. Ruhi cried with a smile. Such happiness for her. Now, she gave a forehead kiss to her love.

Pranay simply asked why he was in the hospital. Ruhi replied that it was a very big story and will tell him on the following days. For now, he has to be discharged. The doctor told that he can go home tomorrow and he was perfectly alright now, No need to worry about it.

RUHI’S HOME, JAN 14, 2020
                 Pranay got discharged. Ruhi doesn’t want to make him stay alone so she decided to take him to her home. On her way home, everyone started congratulating her for that bold actions on the court. But when she entered her house, her Muslim relatives started to scold her for making her brother arrest. On seeing Pranay, they got more tensed. A Hindu boy inside the Muslim bungalow.

That must be disgusting for Muslim people who never believe in Hindu-Muslim love. Ruhi never minds about the voices of relative because they have nothing to do with her life, so she ignored. She wanted to convince her Mom and Dad. That’s enough for her.

Her Mom and Dad were not strict but bringing a Hindu boy inside their gates will surely make them angry. Ruhi holds the hands of Pranay and went before her Mom. Ruhi told her Mom that she loved him and wanted to marry him. Her Mom slapped Ruhi and scolded that what are you thinking? Bringing a Hindu boy inside and locked up your brother in prison. Ruhi’s mother never expected this. Her mom told her to leave Pranay’s hand but Ruhi refused to do. Her Mom went angrier. At that time, her Dad arrived there. Her Dad told her Mom to stop scolding.

Her Dad finished with a simple statement, “Never mind about your daughter, she chose justice over her brother and she chose family over a love that’s why she brought him here or else she knows to run away. She hasn’t done that, she respected us. We should also respect her decision. Finally, her Dad agreed for her decision and he never minds about the relative snakes who only make “HISS HISS”  sound like snakes.

                On valentine’s day, Ruhi and Pranay got married before her parents. No relatives. Her friends filled up space for relatives. Friends are more important than relatives that’s what happened here because friends never judge us. They both got married in both Hindu and Muslim ways. What an amazing marriage it was!

They both lead a happy life after this.

                Sita made a phone call to Ruhi and told that her boyfriend was found hanged in the bedroom and she cried. Ruhi was shocked after hearing this. Ruhi came down to the car shed to go to Sita’s home. When Ruhi started the vehicle, Sita laughed and said “APRIL FOOLLLL”.” I was the first to fool you, Lol”. Ruhi went speechless for Sita’s play but Ruhi laughed and said ” I never ever wanted to see the “SHE” again”




                Princy told Ruhi that she will give an answer to her question at High court. Princy asked her to be ready with the evidence and lawyer. Salim and his crew took princy to prison to keep her in a cell for one day. Since this case attracted every media.

The government has decided to investigate this crime as soon as possible. So, they have given one day time for Ruhi to collect evidence and lawyer. Ruhi was collecting all the evidence necessary to make her guilt and she arranged a lawyer, who was good at the point.

On another side, Princy was meditating inside the prison. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


               The court was crowded with media people who were already staying there from the night for the TRP rating.

Yes, the media is going to broadcast this case on the live channel. First, Ruhi arrived there with her friends. Her lawyer was coming on the way. After a few moments, Princy came and stepped out of the police car. Salim was not there. His substitute took princy from police station to court.

Ruhi was waiting for her lawyer. Time passed, she hasn’t found the sign of lawyer coming. Judge ordered to gather everyone. Princy walked towards the cage. Ruhi has no lawyer with her. She asked Judge whether she can argue for this case. The judge immediately ordered that Àccording to Section 49 of Advocate’s Act. It is necessary for lawyers to wear a dignified dress, You are supposed to wear a black dress. But the judge agreed to her to speak only if she wears a black dress.

Immediately asked Ridhanya to give her Hijab (Muslim code dress) and she wore it. Like adding fuel to fire, this case got more heat and attracted the common public to watch Television.

                     Ruhi submitted all her pieces of evidence to the judge and she started her argument. She told the judge that princy, who was my professor during college days was standing here because of committing serial sexual assault on our friends. We have found the DNA samples of cervical caps, it’s matching with her DNA. And we have the chats and call logs of Princy’s and Sita’s boyfriend. Chats says that princy decided to meet them during day time but she came home during the early morning.

In order to delete her sign of arrival, princy deleted chats when she leaves. She also added that princy injected fentanyl drug, which is a sign of her connection with drug dealers. All the evidence was before you and the final judgement is yours. With that, Ruhi finished her argument.

               “First of all, hello to everyone around here, I was good then during my lecturer days, Ask my students they will say about me”. ” Ruhi is also my student” she giggled. “After my lecturer job, my family fixed the marriage”. “My husband was an entrepreneur, who was CEO. As expected our marriage went good”. After a few days, I noticed a change in his behavior. “On one fine day, he left me with writing a letter mentioning that my body doesn’t meet his sex drive so he prefers to model who was good for his sex. That letter broke my whole house”

“After that day, my father and mother got hanged”. “Blow after a blow to me”. ” Being a girl, I can’t save my parents”. “My marriage has killed my parents”. “I was very much depressed at that time, I have no one to console me and so I decided to have sex with men”.  “I never chose randomly because I am not that cheap, so I decided to have sex with my students”. ” I chose especially because of Ruhi and Her friend’s boyfriend because I like them”.  ” However, they will not agree for this, so I imported Fentanyl imported from UK to make them sleep to have sex”. In the case of pranay, his body accepted the dosage but Ridhanya’s boyfriend can’t take, so he died”.

“Sorry, Ridhanya for that death”. ” In my whole life, I had a dream of being a woman getting lots of love from my husband, I have never felt how love feels like. That was my only regret”. “Instead of love, I got lust”. ” Oh! Jesus, I am coming hell, Be ready to treat me with your punishments” Princy cried. “Lastly, i agree that, i was behind this all sexual assault”.

The judge was ready to write the judgement. The judge ordered that princy will be sent to prison for her life for committing back to back crime. Princy asked the judge to stop and she requested the judge to give a death sentence because she can’t live anymore. She can’t bare the pain anymore.  Death was her only cure. The whole crowd got shocked after hearing this, for asking the death sentence by willingly. Princy ends her speech by saying ” I was not good enough to get pure and true love in this world, what a unlucky soul I have been, Father and Mother, I am coming to you. Let us live together once again”.

Just like that everyone who watched princy’s speech had tears in their eyes including Ruhi and her friends because they know how it feels to be in the place of princy. As her wish, The judge sentenced Princy to death. Finally, princy hugged Ruhi and asked sorry for everything she has done to those couples.

The judge said, ” The court is dism….”. Suddenly, Ruhi told the judge that the court is not still dismissed and the case is not over. Why Ruhi stopped the Judge?



                   After seeing the shocking news, Ruhi comes to know that it was not suicide. It was planned murder. Immediately, She got ready to see Ridhanya. By that time, Charlie was again barking inside the bathroom. This time, he was barking very loudly.

Ruhi had to go now, so she never noticed Charlie keenly. She asked him to keep quiet and went. At last, Salim and his team have got work to do because of Ridhanya’s boyfriend. They also reached her apartment.

                     The flats were crowded with gossiping people, buzzing media, police forces. Two murders in the gap of five days. That must be shocking to everyone. Ruhi reached her flat. She ran with tears and hugged Ridhanya.

Ridhanya was crying loud. Ruhi asked her to be calm.

After a few minutes,

Ridhanya stopped crying. Cops investigated her to know what happened. She was telling the cops about that incident. Doctor post mortem result is also the same as Pranay’s report. Ridhanya’s boyfriend also intoxicated with Luke’s Fentanyl drug. Due to overdosage, he was dead. By that time, Ruhi went upstairs to flat. She went to the bedroom without checking any place. She took his phone and found that the phone was unlocked, chats and call logs are deleted as same as Pranay’s phone. Then she heard the dog bark. She thought that it was from outside. But slowly she comes to know that it was coming from Ridhanya’s flat. She went upstairs. The dog was barking in the bathroom like Charlie. Ruhi never noticed Charlie.

She came to know that she had made a huge mistake. Ruhi went to her home without informing Ridhanya. When she opened the door, she never heard Charlie’s bark. The house remained silent. When she reached the bathroom. It was full of blood in the tiles. That blood was flowing out from Charlie’s mouth. He has made a hole in the bathroom, opened a box and ate something. She immediately took him to the veterinary
Hospital. Doctors were working on it for more than an hour.

                 The doctor came out and told her that Charlie was safe, he ate something which was not his actual food. It got stuck in the intestine and we have cleared it now. Don’t keep these materials in house. Just keep it safe from pets and kids. After usage, dispose of these materials. Ruhi asked what was that. The doctor told her that it was used condoms and cervical caps.

Ruhi’s head was blown now. A lot of thoughts on her head. She promised the doctor that it will ever happen again. Then, she collected the condom and cervical caps for DNA tests.

The lab assistants told that they will have results after 5 days. Ruhi left Charlie there and went to Ridhanya’s flat. Ridhanya asked her where she was gone. Without saying anything, Ruhi went directly to the bathroom, she kept their pet aside. Then she took a crowbar and broke the tiles. Ridhanya doesn’t know what was happening here. After breaking the tiles, she found a box inside it. She opened it and found the same condom and cervical caps.

Ridhanya got shocked and doubted her boyfriend. Ruhi convinced her that this was not his mistake and added that She found the same box in her home. Ruhi comes to know that this was not a murder. This was a sexual assault. OMG, sexual assault to men. What type of news is that? After all, the murderer was a woman. They all thought that it was men. Still, this case goes on like the toughest riddle. But every riddle has answers. Ruhi told Ridhanya that not to open this news to cops. They will do something for us then. Stay low and calm.

Ruhi went home. She spent a night thinking about “SHE” the one who was behind these two sexual assaults.

                     Ruhi called Ridhanya to come to her home. Ruhi took notes regarding the murder during her yesterday’s sleepless night. She explained Ridhanya that the murderer was a woman, she must be known about us cause she tried to assault our both boyfriends. Also, she was a serial killer.

The second kill happened on JAN, 5. It happened in five days interval. If my guess is correct, she planned her next assault on JAN 10.

Another guess of Ruhi was the next target must be Sita’s boyfriend. Since, Sita, Ruhi, and Ridhanya were close friends. So, Ruhi and Ridhanya went to see Sita. It seems Sita was out of the station. She was in Bangalore. Ruhi asked her to return immediately to Chennai.

                    Sita returned to Chennai. She got shocked about hearing both Pranay’s and Ridhanya’s Boyfriend incidents. Sita doesn’t use phones. So she never knows both incidents. Ruhi explained everything to her. Sita was shocked after hearing this. She had a fear of losing her boyfriend. Ruhi made a sketch to capture the murderer this time. She asked Sita to track her boyfriend’s mobile phone chats and call history, fitting the micro CCTV cameras around the room to capture the video footage.
Sita made all the arrangements told by Ruhi.


SITA’S FLAT, JAN 10,2020. 2.00 AM
                    Sita’s boyfriend kept his phone after talking for four hours with Sita. Suddenly, A pop-up notification on his phone. Ruhi and her friends were seeing everything happening around the room through CCTV cameras. They were sitting in a car in their apartment car shed.

Sita’s boyfriend got tensed after seeing that pop-up notification. Ruhi got confidence that she will catch the murderer this time.
                    A girl jumped into the bathroom by climbing the wall from the backside of the house. She had covered her face with a covered face.

Sita’s boyfriend gave respect to her. He was asking why she came through the backside instead of the front door. Ruhi got confused by his respect towards her. Ruhi was noticing everything. The murderer asked him to take off the shirts. But he refused it. The murderer immediately took an injection and inserted it into his body. Yes, it was a fentanyl drug.

Ruhi comes to know that it was planned sexual assault as she guessed. Sita asked Ruhi to stop this. Ruhi told them that they should wait to know the murderer real face. Fentanyl drugs can’t kill soon.  The murderer made him lie down in bed. She takes off his shirts. Then she started removing her dress.

By that time, a phone call came from the DNA center. They told them that the condom’s DNA was different but cervical caps have the same DNA. She lives in Chennai. She worked as a Professor. And her name was Princy. Ruhi’s eyes went wide.

This was a disaster for her friends. Immediately, Ruhi and her friends got down from the car to stop Princy before everything goes wrong. This time, as planned Ruhi locked Princy inside the room. Princy started to notice the unusual happening. She wears her dress and tried to escape. But Ruhi and her friends were standing behind the house. Now, Princy jumped out of the bathroom. When she reached down, Ruhi and her friends caught her. Ruhi asked Princy that why she had changed and what forced her to do this.
What will be Princy’s Answer??



                  As usual, college starts on one fine day. Pranay has not attended the class for the past three days. Ruhi has been calling him and texting him many times but he hasn’t responded to her.

Suddenly, one of Ruhi’s male friend told that he had seen Pranay in TASMAC ( WINE SHOP). Ruhi got tensed and went to see him with her friends.

TASMAC, 12.00 PM
                   As soon as Ruhi entered the wine shop, every drunkard around there started to stare at her. She directly went inside the wine shop. Being lost his parents, he had no support from relatives. This made him taste the wine to heal his pain. Around the corner bench, Pranay was drinking wine like a pro drunkard.

He sold the Ruhi’s bullet bike and got money from it to drink alcohol. He bought many bottles of wine and emptied it. Ruhi ran with tears,  hold his head and told just look at me baby and asked why he hasn’t picked her call. Pranay was broken like hell. He started to cry

He also added that he may have done a big mistake in a previous birth, that’s why he was suffering like this. Ruhi made him stand up, put his left hand in her shoulder and walked outside the wine shop. She took him to the near hotel and made him bathe to settle down his pressure in his head. After all, she made food to serve him. Pranay ate well. At last, Ruhi asked him to promise that he never taste alcohol after this. Pranay promised her.

Ruhi told that these were the hard times for both and Don’t feel the pain lonely, I will be always there to share your pain. With that, Ruhi went home. Pranay went to his friend’s home.

COLLEGE, SEP 16, 2014
                 Day after drinking alcohol, Pranay had a change in his attitude. He was tensed, always busy and industrious. Ruhi wasn’t sure about that. Ruhi asked him to stay after classes got over. But Pranay replied that he has work to do. Ruhi was worried about that. From that day, Pranay was leaving earlier when college got over. He didn’t say about it to anyone, even to Ruhi. It caused a misunderstanding between the couples.

                Ruhi agreed to give a party to her friends for her success in the relationship. So, she and her friends came to the KFC restaurant for a party.

There, they saw Pranay wearing the server dress and taking down orders of customers. Ruhi got tensed, went directly to Pranay and asked him why he was working here. Pranay told that after his parents dead. He has no support for relatives to help him. He can’t stay in friends house for a long time so he decided to work as part-time work in KFC as a server.

Straightaway, she canceled the party and held Pranay’s hand to walk away. But the owner of that restaurant noticed them and asked them to stop. The owner said that Pranay was working here on an agreement basis. He can’t go out during the working time. Ruhi got angry and asked the owner how much the agreement costs are?. The owner replied that it was worth one lakh rupees. Ruhi took her Credit card and swiped it for one lakh rupees then threw the bill in that owner’s face and told that now Pranay can do whatever fuck he wants and he never works here at any cost.

After that, they both went out by car.
She directly went to Sholingur for buying BHK apartment for Pranay. “Wow, what a lover she was!”. Buying an apartment of the worth of 20 lacs for her boyfriend. She immediately registered a flat on the name of Pranay. That must be the house for future wedding couples.

She made Pranay stay there and go for college. She also requested him to ask help for anything he wants. Pranay was speechless now. He simply hugged Ruhi and cried. That must have come through the right eye cause it was tears of happiness. Ruhi also hugged him tightly and warmed him.

Their love became stronger at that instant.

                 Ruhi got graduated as Engineer. She was taking care of her father’s business. She became CEO. She was managing all the company stuffs from Delhi.

Her friends Ridhanya and Sita also got graduated with jobs. Luckily, they also ended up having boyfriends. On the other side, Pranay got graduated, got a job in Ashok Leyland and working as a starting employee. Ruhi and Pranay decided to marry after JAN, 2020.


                Thinking about her past life, Ruhi passed the whole night staying awake and getting back all her old memories. The time went like anything. Anyway, now she has a job to do. She wants to find the murderer. Unfortunately, she hasn’t got a clue any about it. Pranay is still in a coma. Police Department is not taking any action regarding it. Days passed on like that


    Ruhi woke up in her apartment and switched ON the TV. The flash news is,

” Yet again, a youth found hanged in his bedroom, it happened in one of the popular apartments around Guindy, This incident happened at 3.00 AM. This incident was similar to that of Pranay’s case who got hanged on New year day. Pranay was in a coma but this youth got dead by the intoxication of Fentanyl Drugs with dosage. And they displayed an image of crying women. Ruhi got shocked

after seeing that because it was her friend Ridhanya. Yes, Ridhanya boyfriend was found dead.



                    Ruhi is waiting for the words of Pranay. Pranay simply agreed and said that he will date her. If the chemistry works out, then they will think about love.


They hang out for weeks. The chemistry was a hundred out of hundred for them.

          The class bell rings, Every college has one beautiful lecturer who simply breaks the heart of many students. In this college, Her name is Princy.

She was an English professor for first-year students. Pranay and his friends were waiting for the arrival of Princy mam. She came and introduced herself. Class started, After a few minutes, a girl named Diana, who was a second-year student attending first-year classes due to attendance shortage started to disturb Pranay from the backside.


She was sitting behind his bench. She simply inserted her hands into his shirts. Pranay got shocked and he screamed. Mam asked the reason for his scream but he refused to say. So, Mam gave him the punishment of getting out of the class. Pranay got angry. He waited for the class to get over. After a few minutes, the bell rings. Mam getting out of the class. Mam asked him personally. Pranay told her what happened. Mam told that some girls do like this and say that these boys are shameless. Mam told Pranay to not worry about it and she went. With an angry bird face,

Pranay went directly to Diana and slapped her in the left cheek, in the canteen. The whole college saw it. Being the second year,  she can’t tolerate that a junior boy slapped her. She called her male friends immediately. But the thing is, they are already in the spot. Five senior boys joined in group and beat Pranay. Suddenly, the crowd whispered that look who was here? It was Girls Gang. Yes, Ruhi and her friends with hockey sticks entered the canteen. Ruhi threw hockey stick right from the entrance of the canteen. Ruhi and her friends had no fear of boys. They simply bet them like boys, with the equipment they had.

Those senior boys are cats now. They walked away by rolling their tails. Ruhi made a statement to the whole crowd that if anyone tries to insult or tease Pranay. Then she would come to smash them. Ruhi slapped in Diana’s right cheek. Diana got slaps on her both cheeks. Pranay was bled. Ruhi applied medicine to wounds. Since they are at the end of weekdays, Ruhi asked Pranay for a long bike ride along Mahabalipuram to make him cool. Pranay has no bike with him. Ruhi told him that she will arrange for that. She asked him to come in the morning.

                       Pranay had three members in his family. Father, Mother, and younger sister. Pranay was a silent boy in his home. He told his parents that he will be going out with friends and return back during the evening. If it delays, he would stay in his friend’s home. With that, he came out.
                       Ruhi had four members in his family. Father, Mother, Elder brother (Salim) and younger sister. Her family was rich and gave full freedom to her. Ruhi can freely roam anywhere. She got a thunderbird bike from her friend, Asif.
She knows to ride a bike. Girl with all skills, she was.

She picked up Pranay from the street corner. Now, they were ready for one memorable ride of their life. Remember, A girl riding a thunderbird with a boy whom she loves.
What a feeling it is! “Girls, who read this will know how it is”.

                     During that long one day drive, they went for the beach, mall, cinema. For the whole day, their phone was switched off to ignore all disturbing calls and messages.

They both got tired that they can’t go home before night. So, they decided to stay in a hotel for that night. They booked a room in a nearby hotel. They entered the room and closed the door. Till now they were connected by feelings but now they were going to connect their souls. They were going to get physically attached. They were under the bedsheets. Yes, they had their first-time sex in their couple life.

” I would say you something, after sex, both boy and girl become more attached and their bond is increased by more strength. That happened here. They became very close that anyone can’t separate them.

HOTEL, SEP 12,2014, 6.00 AM
                   Ruhi woke up first. She switched ON her mobile. She saw plenty of missed calls and messages from her friends. She called them back. Her friends told the very bad news that Pranay’s home was burnt due to a cylinder burst. His parents were dead and his sister was admitted to a nearby hospital.

They contacted both to convey this news but either of them not switched ON their mobile phones. Ruhi woke up Pranay and asked him to be calm. Pranay asked her what has happened. Ruhi told him that his home had a fire accident. Immediately, without asking Ruhi’s words, Pranay put on his shirts, took the bike key and went in a hurry to know what happened. He left Ruhi there due to the tension he had.

                      On the way home, Pranay heard drum sounds, seen flowers and heard crying sounds. When he reached home, his relatives slapped him for not picking the phone. Pranay went inside the burnt home to see the burned body of his father and mother kept for rituals. Pranay can’t believe this seeing both parents passed away. He never cried, he just sat in the corner of the hall.

His college friends came to the house to console him. Ruhi and her friends also came to console him. After seeing, Pranay sitting in the corner of the room. She felt a heartbreak. She never thought that this would happen yesterday She started feeling guilty. Pranay was not in a condition to speak. So, Ruhi just stayed calm along with the crowd.

After a few hours.

The last rituals were performed for his parents. Pranay buried his parent’s body with fire.

Then he went directly to the hospital to check his sister. His sister was in serious condition and the chance of surviving is very low as said by the doctors. Pranay saw his sister burnt body and cried at last. Because his sister was his only love.

His sister spoke her last words, “you haven’t left us, brother, it is us, who left you. Cylinder burnt due to small leakage. I saw our parents getting buried and myself getting burnt in that, What a horrible sight! It was, Take care of you, brother, I am going to join our parents in heaven, Goodbye, Brother”. With that, his sister’s breath was lost. She was dead. Pranay shouted and cried in huge noises. He had faced the worst heartbreak ever. What will happen after this?



              Ruhi said to Mani, “Nothing use in arguing with these cops, take me to Pranay’s place, I want to see him”. Ruhi sobbed with tears and started walking. Just imagine, when your loved one was wounded badly, went to coma and can’t take their hands to rub your tears. I guess It would be the worst feeling ever!

Ruhi can’t bear that pain. She was bold to handle anything but Pranay is her weakness. She sat down to hold Pranay’s hand. Ruhi said  “Pranay! love has no coma, your soul still listens to me”. I make a promise today that I will find who was behind this and give them the correct treatment. By that time you will raise from a coma to hug me tightly and give a deep kiss in my forehead. Then we will go home.
For now, I am leaving. Ruhi asked Mani to arrange a maid to stay here to take care of Pranay and she will pay daily wages for that maid. Mani replied “OK! Madam”. Ruhi said that she will be going to Pranay’s apartment to know what’s actually happened that morning.

10.45 AM
                 ” Hello viewers, this is CBA news, I am a reporter, Harish”.”Behind me lies swarm hospital. New year’s day’s hot talk is “3.00 AM suicide or 3.00 AM murder?”. Shortly we have press meet with commissioner of south Chennai.

Here we go, he’s before the mikes. Commissioner said ” Well, being the commissioner of south Chennai, this is one of the mysterious cases, I have ever come across. Self-suicide or murder? We can’t predict it till now since Pranay is at a coma. The case became more complicated because of his coma. The problem is with the youngsters of today’s generation, they want to party on new year’s day to enjoy themselves with alcohol and drugs. Then do something crazy to give work for us every new year day. This is what happened here today. For now, this is filed as suicide but Salim and his team will work on it”. Ruhi went with anger hearing the words of commissioner but still, she chose to walk away from that place.

                “Hello, Manager. Cancel all my plans for two months, I have important work to do now till then take care of all the work of the company, if you have any doubts and queries regarding clients then contact me”. The manager replied “OK! Mam, I will take care of all the accounts”. Ruhi reached Apartment, the whole apartment was crowded with gossiping people because they got a topic today to speak about. Ruhi just ignored everyone and went to Pranay’s flat. “Charlie! Stop barking”. Ruhi removed the chain of Pranay’s pet dog. She opened the door and went inside. Like police she can’t find any clue for the stranger’s entry. Charlie started barking in the bathroom. Charlie called Ruhi there.

She had no clue about it, she told charlie to stop barking. She noticed Pranay’s phone in his bedroom. She took it and found that it was unlocked. His phone was opened and unlocked by the unknown. His WhatsApp chats are deleted, call logs are deleted, Galleries are deleted. Ruhi got shocked. Pranay has a secret gallery for Ruhi which has its photos and videos. Ruhi opened it. She opened the first video and played it.
Ruhi was drinking beer in that video.

Suddenly, She laughed with the memories of how it was captured.

               Start of new academics for this year.

Ruhi was a senior girl, who was studying in the final year. She was studying computer engineering with plenty of skills and talents. She had the powerful girls gang in the college. Her close friend is Ridhanya and Sita. Ridhanya sings as a pro Album singer and Sita writes like the best author. Ruhi had artists around her every time.

OK! Since this is a government college. There must be ragging here. Ruhi and her friends were sitting in a park bench and calling juniors to perform tasks. Ruhi was drinking beer at that time. Pranay, who was fresher of mechanical engineering took the video with his mobile phone to show his friends. He captured it by hiding. Somehow, Ruhi’s friend noticed and called him. Ruhi got angry with him and asked him to take off the shirt and walk around them. Pranay removed his shirt without the second thought and walked around them. Ruhi was shocked that he performed that task without hesitation. Then, Ruhi asked intro from him. Pranay told everything about him. At last, Pranay told that you are looking beautiful, senior. Beautiful girls don’t drink beer, they inspire other women. So, be an inspiration, senior. Ruhi is simply going speechless from his advice. This is what we call the first impression is the best impression. What a meetup by them! Ruhi followed him for that whole day. Canteen, classroom, library, stores and everywhere he goes. She never stalked anyone for her whole college life but Pranay got her full attention.

By the sunset, Pranay went to Ruhi to ask her why she was following him for the whole day. Ruhi is a very open-minded girl, doesn’t know how to hide her feelings. She looked at Pranay’s face and said “I never stalk any boy that easy but from today I started following you, I loved your character which drove you on our first meetup. I just wanted you by my side.  I know this is the quick decision but let’s see if it works? Will you be on my side? What will be the Pranay’s answer? Keep guessing



It’s become fashion getting cases on new year day but this time, here we are going to witness one of the mysterious cases ever. It was 3.00 AM at BHK, Dog from Flat no 4 was barking continuously.

Mani, who was night shift watchman of Apartment got confused with its loud bark. He took torch lights and went to flat no 4. The door was kept opened and the dog was tied outside the front door. Mani went inside the room. He asked “Pranay sir, where are you? Are you here? Why the dog was barking continuously? “. Mani got no replies to form him. So he looked at every room in tension. Kitchen checked! Hall room checked! Bathroom checked. In the bedroom, he found Pranay got hanged in the ceiling. Mani shouted and removed the knot. He had no reason why he got hanged but for now, he went down to call ambulance and police for help.

“Hello 108, I am the watchman of Casagrande BHK, here one of our flat owners got hanged in the room, I have removed the knot and kept him down. He is still breathing”. The ambulance driver replied that file a case in the police station before we reach there. Mani replied OK sir. Mani made another phone call ” Hello Madam, Pranay sir got hanged in his bedroom, I went by the sign of dog’s bark. I removed the knot and he is alive. I have called the ambulance they are coming. “OK Mani, take him to hospital, I will book a flight now to come within 5 hours till then take care of him, Inform to my brother he is actually working as police in that region”. Mani replied ” OK! Madam. Another phone call has to be made now by Mani. “Phone rings…Hello, J-10 semmenchery police station”. ” Sir, I am the watchman of Casagrande BHK, here one of our flat owners found hanged in his bedroom. I have called Ambulance, sir. They told me to file the case. Please make it out as soon as possible. OK! Mani, we will come there in five minutes.

After a few moments,

Siren is alarming, Ambulance reached first. Mani showed them way to Pranay’s room. They took a stretcher to carry him. Then came the police car, they went to the spot to look. Salim, who was Inspector of J-10 opened the bedroom of Pranay he checked out for the clue. After a few minutes, he filed the case as attempted suicide and asked the Ambulance driver to take his body.

Salim is waiting to record the information from Pranay’s words once he becomes conscious. Mani is waiting for Madam’s return. The doctor was checking for more than five hours. The issue got so serious because the incident happened in highly economical BHK

and the commissioner of south Chennai visited Swaram hospital to know the exact scenario. Salim reported taking the commissioner to ICU. Salim told me that it was a clear suicide attempt, sir. And they were waiting for words of Pranay. BMW
M6 arrived at the hospital, A lady came out of it, she went inside with tears in her eyes. Mani said, “Madam, come with me”.

By that time, doctors submitted the report to the commissioner. “Patient was not injured but he was intoxicated with Luke’s Fentanyl drug, one of dangerous drug ever. which is usually found in the UK, which is 25-30 times stronger than heroin,50-70 times stronger than morphine”
The good news is no one has ever survived this dosage but he does and Bad news is that we have saved his breath but he has gone too deep coma. Commissioner has press meeting after this, he has to say something. Salim told us that since we haven’t got any pieces of evidence we will finish it as a suicide case. Suddenly, Woman’s voice with “Will you stop talking, he is no coward to attempt suicide so stop judging yourself”. Commissioner asked Salim, is she is a pranay relative?. Salim replied No sir, she is my sister. Salim asked his sister when did you return from Delhi and what are you doing here?

That lady answered the whole crowd around there saying ” My name is Ruhi Rabita, I know Pranay and I am Pranay’s lover”. Salim doesn’t know about his sister’s love affair. He got shocked hearing his sister’s words. It was a Hindu boy-Muslim girl’s love. Ruhi added that listen to ms is not suicide, he is not a drug addict. I will prove it as murder even you cops don’t bring it out. Wait and watch.